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President of Brown, “OK to Give Co-eds The Pill” – September 28, 1965

Brown University Health Services Director, Dr. Roswell C. Johnson won the support of University President, Barnaby C. Keeney (These names are not made up), after it was reported that two unmarried co-eds had been given prescriptions for contraceptive pills – The Pill. The AP reported that Dr. Johnson said, “both women were mature people and already engaged [of course] and they both had been referred to me by clergy.”

Meanwhile, The Boston Globe interviewed authorities at several universities in Massachusetts (Brown is located in Providence, Rhode Island), and they all said that their schools would not provide birth control pills to unmarried female students.

The Globe quoted Dr. Dana L. Farnsworth, director of the Harvard health services. Dr. Farnsworth said, “supervision of contraceptive practices of unmarried students is not an appropriate function in a college health service.”

The Globe also quoted Dr. Samuel E. Leard, director of student health at Boston University. Leard was even more emphatic about his opposition to providing birth control to unmarried co-eds. He said, “Our policy is that we do not condone this thing at all. It’s morally wrong and here in Massachusetts it’s against the law.”

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Zip Codes First Introduced November, 28 1962

Click to hear Ethel Merman Sing about Zip Codes

U.S. Postmaster General J. Edward Day announced the “Zoning Improvement Plan” (Get it, Z.I.P) on November 28, 1962. The system was actually implemented on July 1, 1963.

Although originally intended only for the very largest postal customers, the general public quickly became convinced (thanks in no small part to some heavy advertising) that their mail would be delivered more quickly if they used the zip codes.There was widespread usage, even before its use became mandatory.

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Atomic Energy Chief’s Bad Predictions November 25, 1962

Dr. Glenn Seaborg’s prediction of a manned expedition by “nuclear rocket” to either Venus or Mars, within the next 20 years (That would have been 1982.) proved to be not very accurate. Seaborg, then head of the Atomic Energy Commission, also suggested that “Durable and fashionable clothes made inexpensively of paper will be widely worn.” The 1980’s also did not see the popularization of “portable, compact, and powerful nuclear reactors for furnishing electric power and heating.”, as predicted by Dr. Seaborg.

On the other hand, he did not strike out entirely. He was able to foresee that “it might be possible to get (television) reception even the darkest part of Africa.” Another one of his predictions turned out to be overly conservative, “home-style electronic computers capable of figuring income taxes and family budgets”, Wahoo!

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Bigfoot, Sasquatch Sighting November 24, 1962

On November 24, 1962, Joe Griggs, and bus driver in British Columbia had finished his shift and was driven when he saw (or so he claims) an extremely large man standing the side of a wooded mountain road. Griggs claimed that the man, or creature, stood more than 7 feet tall and appeared to weigh at least 400 pounds. Oh yes, whatever it was the Griggs thought he saw, according to Griggs, was covered with reddish hair.

Griggs claims that he turned his car around to follow the, Big Foot, Sasquatch, orwhatever it was. He said that it jumped up effortlessly onto a rock, and that it’s vertical leap approached a height of six feet.

Read more about the Big Foot Sasquatch Sighting here.

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Squirrel Kills Power for 35,000 North Jersey Residents November 13, 1962

35,000 North Jersey residents lost their power when a squirrel pushed a disconnect button that controlled a 26,000 volt line in Clifton, NJ. The power went down at 8:01 AM and was restored at 8:47 AM. The only report of damage (in addition to the squirrel who was killed) was at the Weston Biscuit Company, where several thousand pounds of cookies got burned in the ovens. Among the damaged cookies was an order from the government for survivor biscuits for fallout shelters.

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