The Columbia Spectator (student newspaper) reports:

Over five hundred students participated last night in one of the most disorganized panty raids in years. The annual pre-Christmas exercise was broken up by thick fog and the quick work of the local police…Traditional cries about “Barnard meat started the march toward the green fence. The raiders were met by thirteen squad cars which had been alerted by an early call from officials in the residence halls…Many students reported that the police were using night sticks to break up the riot…A small contingent of about 40 however, managed to break through the police lines and hailed the Barnard dorm residents at Clairmont Avenue. Some of the Honeybears (Barnard students) responded by throwing down panties and other undergarments.

One police sergeant remarked that “no damage really happened. The boys were getting the girls excited and the girls were getting the boys excited.”

This story was covered by The New York Times, the Bridgeport Post, and even found its way into the El Paso Post Herald!