George Romney is on the Cover of Time, November 16, 1962

Fresh off of an impressive win in the recent Michigan gubernatorial, race; George Romney, the father of Mitt Romney, the former head of American Motors; is already being touted as possible GOP presidential candidate, even before his inauguration.

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Ozzie and Harriet, Rick Sends a Picture November 15, 1962

Well Ricky has certainly gotten himself into an embarrassing situation. He meant to send a picture a picture of himself to his grandmother, but instead (Gee how did this happen?) he sent it to a girl he hardly knew. And wouldn’t you know it, he signed it “To my favorite girl, with love from Rick.”

Watch here to see how it all turns out. Without commercials it’s only 22 minutes.

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Mississippi Sues Feds for Ole Miss Riot Damage November 14, 1962

The State of Mississippi sued the U.S. Government, seeking to recoup what it claimed were $344,000 in damages, incurred during a campus riot on September 30, 1962. The riots were in response to the forced of admission of the University’s first Negro student, James Meredith. 

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Squirrel Kills Power for 35,000 North Jersey Residents November 13, 1962

35,000 North Jersey residents lost their power when a squirrel pushed a disconnect button that controlled a 26,000 volt line in Clifton, NJ. The power went down at 8:01 AM and was restored at 8:47 AM. The only report of damage (in addition to the squirrel who was killed) was at the Weston Biscuit Company, where several thousand pounds of cookies got burned in the ovens. Among the damaged cookies was an order from the government for survivor biscuits for fallout shelters.

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