Longest Held Vietnam POW Captured – September 20, 1965

William Robinson became a POW when he was captured after his helicopter crashed in Ha Tinh Province, North Vietnam, on September 20, 1965. He remained a prisoner of war for 2,703 days. No other American was a POW in Vietnam for as long as Robinson.

While serving as a crew chief aboard a U.S. Air Force Rescue helicopter, Airman First Class William A. Robinson was shot down and captured in Ha Tinh Province, North Vietnam, on September 20, 1965. After a brief stint at the “Hanoi Hilton,” Robinson endured 2,703 days in multiple North Vietnamese prison camps, including the notorious Briarpatch and various compounds at Cu Loc, known by the inmates as the Zoo. No enlisted man in American military history has been held as a prisoner of war longer than Robinson. For seven and a half years, he faced daily privations and endured the full range of North Vietnam’s torture program. Read more, University of Kentucky Press.

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Muhammad Ali on What’s My Line – September 19, 1965

He Fails to Stump the Panel

Go to 21:51 of the video. Muhammad Ali’s success in the ring did not transfer to this game show. The heavyweight champion, affecting a high-pitched squeaky voice got “knocked out” by panelist Arlene Francis after he had to answer “yes” to the question, “Are you a fellow who is named after the chap that they brought the mountains to, by the name of Mohammad? Moments later he was down for the count.

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Hogan’s Heroes Debuts – September 17, 1965

Hogan’s Heroes debuted on CBS on September 17, 1965. Two days later Robert Laurent in the Chicago Tribune had this to stay about the show:

After last night we know where Sargent Bilko spent World War II. He was in a German prisoner-of-war camp masquerading as Colonel Robert Hogan. He turned the camp into a plush resort for “Hogan’s Heroes.” Allied fighting men escape into this camp. The comedy is sure-fire and this is Friday night’s best bet for a permanent place in the schedule. Bob Krane is Hogan and he is surrounded by a gay band of rogues and the fattest, dumbest collections of Nazis in the Third Reich.

Laurent was right. Hogan had a run of 168 episodes (through 1971) and can still be seen in reruns today.
In fact the show lasted longer than the war it depicted. More about the last episode of Hogan’s Heores.

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Cesar Chavez-Led Grape Strike Begins – September 16, 1965

The National Farm Workers Association, led by Cesar Chavez, voted to strike on September 16, 1965. They joined a strike that began a week before that organized by the Filipino American grape workers, members of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee. In 1966 the two unions merged and formed the UFW.

From the University of Texas, Liberal Arts At the end of summer of 1965, the grapes were ripening in the fields around a farm town named Delano, California. Many of the farm workers in Delano had just come from the Coachella valley, the site of a recently successful strike. Farm workers demanded $1.25 per hour, and when they didn’t receive it, on September 8 nine farms were struck, organized by AWOC’s Larry Itliong.

After five days growers began to bring in Chicano scabs from the surrounding area. AWOC approached Césaer Chávez, the leader of the National Farm Workers Association, and asked the NFWA to join the mostly Filipino strike. At a meeting on September 16, packed with hundreds of workers, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Delano, the NFWA voted unanimously, to shouts of “Viva la Huelga!” to strike too. Chavez was apprehensive. Asked later when he felt his organization, which had $100 in its bank account, would have been ready to go out on a big strike, he replied, “About 1968.”

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Otis Redding Releases Otis Blue – September 15, 1965

Otis Redding, on the Stax Records label, released Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul on September 15, 1965. It was his third studio album and included the hit song that he wrote, “Respect,” which Aretha covered and made into an enormous hit in 1967.

The album was re-released in 2008 as a two-cd collectors edition.

This two — cd set doubles the pleasure of Otis Redding’s third album with B sides, outtakes, period live tracks and the entire record in mono and stereo versions. But Otis Blue was already perfect in its original 11 — song edition when released in September 1965 — an achievement that is even more remarkable because all but one of the tracks were recorded inside 24 hours, in two lightning sessions at the Stax studio in Memphis, on July 9th and in the early morning of the 10th. Rolling Stone.

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Willie Mays Slams 500th HR – September 13, 1965

Willie Mays 500th home run -Click here to see on eBay

Willie Mays 500th home run – Click here to see on eBay

Willie Mays became the fifth Major League player to join the “500 Home Run Club.” His historic blast came on September 13, 1965 in Houston. Leading off in the fourth inning Mays went yard against Astros starter Don Nottebart. It was Mays’ 47th home run of the season. Mays wound up hitting 52 homers for the season that year, hit .317, knocked in 117 RBI and was the runaway choice for the National League MVP.

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